La Gelateria


In 1952, when Gasparre Polese decided to devote himself exclusively to the production of artisanal gelato and founded this gelateria, he began using simple and genuine ingredients, using fresh and seasonal raw ingredients.


Even today this is the strength of our gelateria.


We use fresh eggs from hens raised on the ground in the area of Bibano di Godega, sucrose or brown sugar (with the exception of the so-called light flavours where stevia and sweeteners are used) and we rely on fresh or long milk coming from Bavarian breeding.


We try as much as possible to enhance the local products of the surrounding area, such as ricotta di Cavolanomandorlato of Cologna VenetaFigo moro di Caneva in addition to the eggs as above mentioned.


One of our goals is to give our customers the best and there is no Country like Italy that is able to provide excellent raw ingredients: this is why we use Sicilian pistachios from Bronte, hazelnuts from Piedmont, almonds from Val di Noto, Emilian Chestnuts and other national raw products.


Fresh fruit is one of our advantages. Minimum a couple of times per week, through qualified trustworthy people or ourselves, we go to the fruit and vegetable market of Treviso buying various types of fruit, paying attention to seasonality, quality and also the origin of the fruit itself. For some types of fruit we refer directly to the producer, such as the farm “La collina delle more” in the Vittoriese, from which, when period, we buy strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.

La Gelateria Artigianale De Martin "da Gaspa" a Cordignano


Il Giardino esterno della Gelateria De Martin

Our Gelateria has a quiet green area where you can taste our gelato in comfort, away from traffic and confusion.


Equipped with benches and embellished with plants and flowers, you will have the opportunity to chat with friends or let your children play safely, allowing yourself a moment of pleasure and relaxation, all harmonized with the relaxing sound of water from the central fountain.


The garden is open every day, except Thursday, from 15.00 to 22.00 and is closed in case of bad weather.